A & M offers complete fabrication & weldng services using our 10,000 Sq. Ft. manufacturing facilities.  There is no limit to what we can manufacture from a wide variety of contract welding to complete assembly projects.

A & M applies a ‘fresh thinking to  fabrication; different ways to tackle the same job and this means that we can save time, save money and improve quality – many companies sell this as ‘Value Engineering’; it’s all part of our service.

A & M completes shearing, press work, fabrication & assembly within our own facility.  Our fabricators are highly qualified in TIG, MIG, and MMA in a variety of materials including Mild Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steels, and High Grade Alloys, etc.

Our welders hold qualifications up to ASME & AWS welding standards;  Certified in ASME section 9.  We can qualify a procedure to suit your manufacturing requirements.

Our fabricators and welders at A&M have considerable years of experience in a number of major industries; Steel Mills, Oil & Gas, Commerical Packaging, and Structural Platforms.  These all have similar requirements in all areas of production, especially welding qualifications, supporting documentation and installation needs.

A & M can finish your part or project whether it needs painting or powder-coating to ensure that it reaches you per your specifications.


Send us your .PDF, .IGES, or .DXF drawing files for a Quote today.


Thermal Arc 400 Amp Power Supply W/ Wire Feeder.  1/16 In. Wire Capacity

Miller 350 Mig Welder, 1/4 In. Material Thickness

Miller 180 Tig Welder, 1/4 In. Material Thickness

Steel And Aluminum Welding

Fabrication,Welding & Assembly


Hypertherm 1250 Plasma Cutter, 3/4 In. Material Thickness
Acura 9 In. X 16 In. Horizonal Bandsaw
Acura 14In. Vertical Bandsaw​


Rigdid 300 Threader,1/8” To  4” Pipe, ¼” To 2” Bolt Capacity

Uni-Hydro 56 Ton, 4 Station, Iron Worker


12Ga X 48” Box And Pan Break
Hossfield #2 Bender.