A&M provides manufacturing inspection documentation to customers and design documentation when we are the CAD Engineering source.  Once the project is underway, our incoming inspection procedure starts with raw material certification.  Then during the manufacturing process, in-process quality inspections occur to ensure that product is being produced exacting to the customer specifications.  Under our ISO Quality procedures, the manufacturing documentation is retained for one year and design information is retained for three years after completion of the project.

A&M Quality Manual is available to our customers per request.

"Quality is what we promise, and quality is what we deliver"

At A&M Inc everyone is concerned with quality in everything we do.  Our commitment to quality has built our reputation for supplying quality machined and fabricated products for many years.

We follow the ISO 9001:2008 procedures in our Quality Control Department.  A&M keeps a history record of all our customers’ products from purchase order to final shipment.  Records and documentation are maintained with every order and sent with parts as requested by customers purchase order requirements.

How We Do It

Our commitment to quality begins with the quotation and order entry processes where (APQP) Advanced Product Quality Planning, ensures that all quality concerns are identified and addressed early in the process.  A&M maintains in a complete set of inspection tools and equipment for inspecting various manufactured products.  Our measurement tools and equipment go through internal quality calibration inspections to ensure accuracy.  All manufactured parts or products will go through“in process” quality inspections.  If additional testing or inspection is needed, A&M has a complete array of partners for offsite testing and inspections.  If a decision is made to test or inspect offsite, A&M will send our engineer to the sub-supplier to ensure our customer’s products are being properly inspected by the customers requirements.