CNC lathes 

The use of our CNC lathes allows us to machine steel mill rolls up 10 ft in length.
The A&M Advantage provides the customer an economical approach to production of complex parts in small to medium to higher lot sizes.  
We can produce parts from bar stock in a variety of materials, ferrous, and nonferrous. 

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CNC Machining

The A&M advantage for CNC Machining from prototype parts, to high production of complex parts in smaller  (1-10) quantities to higher lot sizes (100’s – 10,000’s).  Our engineering expertise, experience, state-of-the-art equipment and in-depth knowledge of materials provide a solid basis for supplying quality machined parts.
A&M High-speed vertical CNC Machining allows us to mill, drill, and machine 3D precision components in high, low volumes or prototype quantities to our customer’s specifications.  The CNC machine permits contoured milling applications to achieve high quality milling in flexible manufacturing processes such as running small batches of multiple parts on the same machine, machining complex shaped parts that require innovative tooling and fixturing. 
Our CNC machines create the capacity of holding tight tolerances in difficult to machine materials including Plastics, Stainless steels, 4140, etc.

3 & 4 Axis Machining

At A&M Inc, we have several 3 axis VMCs along with an additional 4th axis rotary table which can be used on any of our machines. 
With our 4th axis rotary tables, we can accurately and easily do radial hoes, slots, etc.  Most of the parts made using our CNC precision methods are complete and do not require secondary or off-line operations.  Each step in the component-making operation is precisely located and oriented by computer controls. 
We approach each project with the mindset of minimizing the number of operations to maximizing quality and increase efficiency.  
We generally buy our raw materials oversize, and then machine the top and sides in the same operation as the drilling, tapping, and machining of other features.  This insures that all sides are flat, square and parallel to each other and allows us to hold tight true position tolerances on holes and other features.  We can machine parts in one or two operations that may otherwise take others shops 6 steps.

Cnc & Manual Machining


Romi M27X120 Cnc Lathe, 
27” Swing, 120” Centers,17” Over  Cross Slide

Haas Sl-30 Cnc Turning Center, 12” Chuck, 3” Bar Capacity, 17” Max Dia, 32” Max Cutting Length

Cincinnati 12 1/2 X 32 Tray Top Lathe W/ Taper Attachment.  
4” Steady Rest


    -60" X 60" Rotary Table
    -Travels: X = 96” x Y = 56”x Z = 56"

    -Travels: X = 64” x Y = 32”x Z = 30"

    -Travels: X = 84” x Y = 32”x Z = 30"
    -HRT 210
    -HRT 310

SHARP Knee-Type Vertical Mill
    -10 in x 52 in Table,